Mother’s Day

violet-daisyShortly before Mother’s Day each year, a school in Brockton is chosen for this community activity of The Charity Guild.

  • Items that mothers would like are purchased by the Guild.
  • The classes come to the cafeteria where each child chooses items for their mother or a significant woman in their life.
  • The Guild volunteers then wrap them with colorful paper and ribbons for the children to give to their mother.

In 2016, 150 third graders at the Arnone Elementary School in Brockton made Mother’s Day gift bags a few days before the holiday.  Thirteen board members and friends of the Guild assisted (photo above).

Students were very excited to be giving these surprise gifts on Mother’s Day.



2016 Photo Album

Photographs by Diane Prince


Some Student Comments

“I had lots of fun picking stuff for my mom. My mom had a glazed look on her face. I’m so happy that she was happy.”

— A Fourth-Grader, Trinity Catholic Academy

“The only thing better than making it was giving it to my mom. She loved it and uses the soap, nail files, tissues and note pads daily.”

— A Fifth-Grader, Trinity Catholic Academy

“Thank you for your time, generosity and dedication. My aunt loved it and said thank you and hugged me tight as a gorilla.”

— A Fourth-Grader, Trinity Catholic Academy

“Thank you for your kind heart. I had a blast picking out things my mother loved.”

— A Fourth-Grader, Trinity Catholic Academy

“Thank you so much for your concern. My mother’s reaction was very surprised and she fainted on the floor.”

— A Fifth-Grader, Trinity Catholic Academy